Listening to the silence|06.07.2017 Listening to the silence

In rice fields at 5 pm, Japan

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After 6 years shooting days, the exhibition in Paris has just finished. I feel like still being in a daydream. … 続きを読む

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Photography and a woman

I think, a photographer must be a “flaneur”, it means a free-minded walker. There is nothing belongs to you, b … 続きを読む

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  James ENSOR  the intrigues, 1890, oil on canvas

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fighting against the contact sheets

  Deleting trimming lines is a painful exercise… I said my self that kitchen sponge might be helpful !! … 続きを読む

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avec mon bout’chou │ 赤ちゃんと一緒

  Printing works in dark room with my 7months old daughter. While she was sleeping the mother of the stud … 続きを読む

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bébé et le sein │赤子と乳


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小さな世界│petit monde

  去る10月に娘が生まれました。 My daughter Amane was born in last October.      

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Grossesse| 臨月 IMG_4761.JPG

ようやく臨月を迎えた。 状態がなかなか安定せずに、入退院を繰り返していたのでブログでも私生活でも今回の妊娠について書くことができずに今日に至る。 出産予定日まであと数週間。 Enfin! J’entre au 9ème … 続きを読む

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Conversation photographique 20140522-124433.jpg

Long time no see. After 2 months hospitalization, the photos jaws about their stories, at the instant that I r … 続きを読む

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