The White Christmas

Merry Christmas, white Christmas!!
Children’s exclamation of joy woke me up in the Christmas morning. It seemed to me so fresh that ordinary cars, streets and trees were covered with snow, as if it were a vision of sugarplums.
I took a hot shower, dried out my hair (not to catch a cold with) and wore a heavy sweater which I had taken away with me from Paris, I was standing at my kitchen with thinking what could I cook for the breakfast. Then, I discovered an expresso machine in front of me!! “Santa Claus was coming to my house?!?!” murmured I to myself. It was too expensive to buy, as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But how could he know it? I took my husband’s hand to show him the machine, he was running out of breath and his hands were numb with cold. Though he should have been in the bed!

Unfortunately, most snow has been melting away but the footprints of my Santa Claus keep remained.
Thank you for all, hope to see you again at next Christmas.
Cold hands, warm heart.





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